August 2, 2013 Last Updated 2:51 pm

Apple’s files response to ‘draconian’ DOJ proposal

It is interesting that the world is such that the Department of Justice routinely sends out press releases, while the world’s largest technology company, Apple, rarely does. Earlier today the Department of Justice sent out a release outlining their proposed remedies in its case against Apple. Now Apple has responded through its lawyers by filing a memorandum with the court. Meanwhile, Apple continues to get bad press.

The DOJ recommended that not only should the contracts Apple signed with the big five book publishers be voided – to be honest, this is assumed – but that Apple be forced to allow Amazon and Barnes & Noble to us links from their iOS apps back to their retail websites so readers can price compare against what Apple is charging for eBooks. Since there would be no reciprocal arrangement that would allow Apple access to Kindles and NOOKS one assumed Apple would be furious.

They are.

“Plaintiffs’ proposed injunction is a draconian and punitive intrusion into Apple’s business, wildly out of proportion to any adjudicated wrongdoing or potential harm,” reads the memorandum submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

“Plaintiffs propose a sweeping and unprecedented injunction as a tool to empower the Government to regulate Apple’s businesses and potentially affect Apple’s business relationships with thousandsof partners across several markets. Plaintiffs’ overreaching proposal would establish a vague new compliance regime — applicable only to Apple — with intrusive oversight lasting for tenyears, going far beyond the legal issues in this case, injuring competition and consumers, andviolating basic principles of fairness and due process. The resulting cost of this relief — not only in dollars but also lost opportunities for American businesses and consumers — would be vast.”

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