July 31, 2013 Last Updated 5:27 pm

Google to end support for Google Catalogs August 15

For a few minutes it may have seemed like a great idea: create an app that holds all the retail and product catalogs consumers would want to access, all in one place, all in one format. Great idea. Well, maybe not.

GoogleCats-message-lgGoogle announced that it would end support for its Google Catalogs apps for both iOS and Android on August 15. The app, should it reside on your iPad, can live on, it just won’t be supported.

The reason why this ended up not being such a good idea is that eventually the brands would want their own apps, with better ways to influence buyers and get them to actually buy products through the app. Once they caught on that they didn’t need a third party, except maybe to initially develop the app, they would have little use for Google’s app, or anyone else’s for that matter.

The other problem with the first attempts to gather up these catalogs was that the digital catalogs inside were mostly just replica editions of the print catalogs that are mailed out. They did not contain much interactivity, and in-app purchasing was a problem (in that it generally doesn’t exist).

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