July 31, 2013 Last Updated 11:59 am

Editions Godin releases Newsstand app for its French language monthly magazine Horizon Weekend

As anyone who has submitted an app for the first time to the Apple App Store can testify, the experience can be a bit harrowing. Apple makes it about as easy as they can, but there are certain areas where things can get dicey. For instance, what exactly does “language” mean in the context of the App Store? What if you make an error, can it be corrected?

Today Editions Godin Inc. saw its first app show up in the Apple Newsstand and a few minor errors creeped into the process which, one would hope, can be corrected over time.

HorizonWeekend-iPad-library-lgThe universal Newsstand app is for Horizon Weekend, the Québec-based monthly magazine which covers news, politics, business and lifestyle. The key thing, though, is that the magazine is in French – not a big surprise considering its origin.

But the app description fails to mention this detail, and since the app description is in English, the magazine risks making a few people a little disappointed.

One of the problems frequently associated with the App Store is the “language” selector, seen on the left side of the screen in iTunes. What does it mean?

Well, the language selector has to do with the primary language you will use to submit the app. The person submitting the app can add “localizations” once the app is in an “editable” state.

Many developers stick to English went submitting their apps and never create localizations. The very nice La Presse+ newspaper app shows “French” under language, but it is not uncommon to see the language read “English” even when the app description is something else.

But the app description should definitely be in the language of the app to avoid confusion for the reader.

There are a few slips of the fingers here, as well. The “Seller” is listed as ?ditions Godin inc. It is often a pain to correct these things, but working directly with Apple helps. I once submitted an app without screenshots, a definite no-no these days, but Apple was able to work it out so I could resubmit the screenshots that very same day.

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