July 26, 2013 Last Updated 11:11 am

App Gamer Magazine bets you won’t mind paying $7.99 to download their Newsstand app

Would you pay $7.99 to download a new magazine you’ve never read before? That is the bet App Gamer Magazine is making by charging that price point for its new universal iOS app. While almost all other Newsstand apps are free and only charge after the app has been installed, this one reverses that by charging a high entry price, then promising a monthly subscription price of $1.99 thereafter.

AppGamerMag-app-icon-smThere is no doubt that the folks behind the new digital magazine have confidence. The name of the app, for instance, is App Gamer Magazine – The Ultimate Games Magazine For Teens & Adults Looking For The Best App Games In The App Store Today (Pro HD) (rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?).

The app is the first to appear under the developer account name of Geek Driven Media, Inc. (a search finds that the person behind the company is Joshua Shokunbi of Chicago, though there is little information on the magazine’s minimally designed website or anywhere else for that matter).

New digital magazines like this one are difficult to judge – is it an attempt to exploit the Apple App Store, or a legitimate attempt at a digital magazine launch? Judge for yourself, if you want to spend the $7.99 to find out. (I didn’t.)

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