July 23, 2013 Last Updated 9:31 am

Gelish releases a 'magazine style newsletter' into the Newsstand to promote its nail products

NailStyle-app-icon-smWith it increasingly difficult for readers to find new digital magazines released into the Apple Newsstand, one of the still good reasons to launch a tablet magazine remains marketing. Gelish, a maker of nail products, has done just that with the release of Nail Style Magazine.

The new digital magazine is a native tablet edition that is to be read in portrait. The navigation is more like an app as each of the page turns is animated, making the navigation a bit clunky on an older iPad, though fine on newer models.

While the app descriptions calls the new app a “magazine style newsletter” the design is very much in the tradition of magazines. Most pages are designed to fit precisely on the iPad’s display, but a few require a small amount of scrolling to reveal the rest of the page.

The digital magazine contains a fair amount of video content, but the video is hosted at YouTube, keeping the issue size down to just over 40MB.

As the purpose of the new magazine is promotional, the app and its contents are free of charge to access.

The app has the look and feel of something built by an ad agency, but none are listed in the credits. Liza Samala is listed as art director, and Stan Kurianski and Scott Stacer are listed as creative directors (Kurianski is president of Kurianski Media Group and Stacer is with Srs Marketing Group, so read into that what you will).

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