July 23, 2013 Last Updated 3:13 pm

Apple’s dominance of tablet market reaches new heights according to June usage report

In just a matter of minutes the markets will close and Apple will release its third quarter earnings report. Most forecasts are for “lackluster” results, whatever that really means. But in one area it is pretty clear that Apple will have a hard time continuing its sales trend: iPad sales.

In the third quarter of both 2011 and 2012, Apple increased its iPad sales by more than 6 million units each quarter. That was a pretty easy thing to do in 2011 since that quarter was up against the very first quarter of iPad sales. But the fact that sales grew to 17 million units in 2012 was pretty astounding. Forecasts are for sales to barely beat that number this time around, and I’m sure many analysts will express their disappointment (though most concentrate on iPhone sales).

But in one respect, Apple’s tablet dominance continues to grow: ad impressions delivered.

According to the latest report from Chitika Inc., Apple’s iPad enjoyed an 84 percent share of ad impress delivered through Chitika monitored websites. In fact, only the Nook’s traffic share grew in June compared to the prior month.

As we await Apple’s earnings report, it is worth looking at the entire market to see where Apple lines up against other companies, not just against itself.


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