July 22, 2013 Last Updated 11:10 am

Consulting firm launches digital magazine into the Newsstand using PressPad: Me Inc.

More and more, digital magazines are being produced for marketing reasons as opposed to generating their own profits – that is good, as it is harder and harder to produce a profitable magazine. Brands, of course, have been producing their own magazines for promotional purposes for years, but with the growth of digital publishing platforms, it is very common now to see someone launch a tablet magazine purely to promote their company.

Me-iPad-cover-lgThe Indian-based company The Joshua Rozario Company has just launched a new digital magazine into the Apple Newsstand called Me Inc. The new app uses the PressPad platform to create a universal app that is very much a PDF driven product. (The vendor’s website says the price for a monthly Newsstand app is $129 per month.)

One doubts that there is a print equivalent for Me Inc. but the pages look as if they came right from a print magazine as there are lots of articles that look like they were designed as two-page spreads.

The app can be read in portrait and landscape, but the landscape layouts do not fit the iPad’s screen, while the portrait layouts are page perfect. The magazine can also be read on an iPhone, but the mobile editions are simply the same as seen on the iPad. That means that of the four different ways one could read this new digital magazine – portrait and landscape on the iPad, portrait and landscape on the iPhone – only one of these feels right (portrait, on the iPad).

The app and its contents are free of charge, which is the norm for a product created to promote a company. In this case, The Joshua Rozario Company describes itself as “a boutique Consulting & Publishing firm that specializes in creating an eco-system of Learning & Development both for corporates and individuals.”

For reasons that are beyond me, the app metadata says it is in English and Polish. It’s not, but then again the app is coming from the vendor rather than directly from the publisher so these things tend to happen.

  • Bryan Dunn 5 years ago

    I think publishers need to look more at responsive design to produce editions to avoid this type of problem. I think we’re going to see more DPS for high end consumer and compromises for efficient workflow and readability everywhere else.