July 19, 2013 Last Updated 3:08 pm

Publishers of soccer magazines release tablet editions as exciting as a scoreless draw

WorldSoccer-app-icon-smSoccer is a dull, boring, waste of time – at least that is what publishers of soccer magazines seem to be saying with their tablet editions. I happen to love soccer, scream at the television set at the U.S team when they struggle, and find a good game a beautiful thing.

Four soccer magazine app apps have been released or updated in the past 24 hours and none really do more than present readers with a replica edition of the print magazine.

The newest Newsstand app is for KICK! football magazine. The does not appear under the publisher’s name, Kennedy Publishing, but under the app solution provider’s name, Tablish.

Three other tablet editions have been updated: Futbolista Revista, from Grupo V; Liverpool FC Magazine, from ProgrammeMaster Ltd; and the big one, World Soccer Magazine International, from IPC.

These four titles show the contradiction of the Newsstand: while at the same time that the digital newsstand is crowded with titles, sometimes one sees that there is something missing – in this case, a tablet edition that is interactive, and that uses the tablet platform to create something new.

There may be a need for a good, interactive magazine for soccer lovers, but would it find its audience?

Update: I am reminded by David Hicks of the tablet editions for Football Week and Four Four Two, which are both nice native tablet editions. But I have found that many magazine publishers who launch replicas are often completely unaware of what other magazines reside in the Newsstand and what their apps will look like when compared with the competition’s.


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