July 15, 2013 Last Updated 12:33 pm

Digital Marketing Labs launches new monthly digital magazine into the Newsstand

DigMarketer-app-icon-smOne can instantly tell whether a new digital magazine was designed and developed by a former print magazine pro such as an art director, or whether the new app is coming from the tech or blogging side of things. Tab editions from art directors generally like to explore the bells and whistles that are available with native tablet magazine design including expanding the page, scrolling text boxes, animation. While those that come from the tech or web side tends to look more like a Kindle Edition.

Each approach has its merits and when you look at The Magazine, the stripped down digital magazine launched by Marco Arment, though now sold off, one can see that if it is targeted at the right audience the new title can become quite popular.

Digital Marketer Magazine follows the same formula seen in The Magazine or the apps released by 29th Street Publishing: the universal Newsstand apps, which look great on the iPhone, seem a bit too minimal for me as an old print magazine publisher.

“We believe Digital Marketer, the magazine, represents a natural extension of Digital Marketer, the brand, as these last few months have brought our readers a wealth of positive change, with plenty more to come,” writes the editor, Brad Bortone, in the editor’s note from the first issue inside the app.

Digmarketer-iPad-lgPublished by Digital Marketing Labs, LLC out of Austin, Texas, the new tablet (and mobile) magazine offers up a few articles each issue, while charging $2.99 per month for a subscription (no single issues or an annual subscription are available).

This new title is not by a long shot the first digital marketing magazine to be found inside Apple’s Newsstand. There is Digital Marketing Monthly, from Purple Internet Marketing; there is Digital Marketing Insider from Jemstone Technologies; there is Digital Marketing Tools from Digital Factor; and there is Direct Marketing News from Texterity (actually now called GTxcel).

It’s a fairly crowded field. But as Digital Marketer Magazine is quite different from the other titles, and has its own established website to support it, it might well find an audience.

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