July 12, 2013 Last Updated 11:03 am

Polish psychology magazine rolls out native tablet edition

I doubt this site has ever looked at a tablet edition from Poland, but if there was a good place to start there is no doubt that Charaktery would be a great place to start. The Newsstand app, originally released in April according to the app description, has recently been updated and now has four issues inside its library including a free sample issue.

Charaktery-app-icon-smThe name of the magazine translates to ‘Characters’ and issues feature very interesting illustrations which the developer spotlights in the app description.

From the app description:
“Characters” is the oldest Polish monthly popular science devoted to psychology. Each issue is read on average by more than 300 000 people (according to the PBC), a fanpage magazine on Facebook is one of the largest of the Polish periodical publications and has over 55 thousand.


The tablet editions are designed in landscape, but the publisher has done something pretty smart by uploading their covers for the app icon. Some magazines make a mistake by allowing their icons to be in landscape. This often tells readers that the publication is a newspaper, since most newspapers have a landscape icon.

Charaktery-iPad-sample-lgThe Newsstand app was built using the Adobe DPS and issues are available for $2.99 a piece in the U.S. App Store, with subscriptions available in three increments – 3-months for $7.99, 6-months for $13.99, and an annual subscription for $26.99. Obviously these prices will vary based on the national app store.

I encountered a download problem with the sample issue, but newer issues, including the July issue just added, should be fine.

The publisher is clearly looking for maximum reach because they not only have launched Charaktery for the iPad, but also added the tablet edition to the Google Play store and to Samsung Apps (though their app description there could use some work).

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