July 11, 2013 Last Updated 12:44 pm

Impelsys launches iPublishCentral 5.0, offering support for next generation of "enhanced" eBooks

Latest Version of Digital Publishing Platform Also Enables Online Reading of EPUB 3 Titles and Better Support for Distributing eBooks to Customers With Android-Powered Tablets

EW YORK, July 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Impelsys, a global leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions, today announced the release of iPublishCentral 5.0, a new version of its award-winning digital publishing software for publishers that offers unparalleled support for delivering enhanced eBooks.

ipc_logoEnhanced eBooks integrate compelling content, interactive visuals and engaging audio-video media in order to bring a book to life for readers. iPublishCentral 5.0 provides publishers with the framework that can be used to create highly enriched eBooks that connect with readers and deliver an extraordinary learning experience.

“This new release of iPublishCentral is a breakthrough from our development team as it illustrates our approach to thinking of the book as software itself, where publishers can really make eBooks jump off the screen and connect in magical ways with their readers,” said Sameer Shariff, founder and chief executive officer of Impelsys. “In helping to blaze the trails in eBook publishing over the past several years, Impelsys has remained committed to a culture of continuous innovation as we strive to deliver the best and most comprehensive digital publishing software platform available to publishers. iPublishCentral 5.0 is the latest proof of that commitment.”

iPublishCentral is a comprehensive platform that allows publishers to warehouse, deliver, distribute, market and sell their eBooks without making significant capital or engineering resource investments on their own. This means that publishers are able to quickly monetize their digital assets by selling eBooks to institutions, retail partners and directly to consumers.

In addition to the deeper support for enhanced eBooks, iPublishCentral 5.0 offers a number of additional new features, including:

  • EPUB 3 — the platform now supports online reading of EPUB 3 eBooks using all major modern browsers;
  • Distribution to Android tablets — the iPublishCentral Reader App on Google Play has been enhanced to allow users to read titles on their Android-powered tablets;
  • Personalized bookshelves — users can now create customized shelves within their own Bookshelf in iPublishCentral and filter titles based on their own criteria;
  • Improved institutional reports — publishers will now be able to view a variety of information regarding the sales of their eBooks;
  • Customization of book details page — it’s now easier to create and display new metadata tabs on the Product Details page, which can contain additional information such as News Feed and Reviews; and
  • Advertising — new options for the end-user portals of interested publishers.

“These new features in iPublishCentral 5.0 achieve dual objectives of providing publishers with the tools to create a more exciting and engaging eBook reading experience for their customers, as well as providing them with additional channels for monetizing their content and building direct relationships with new readers,” said Anil Gopinath, executive vice president of global engineering for Impelsys.

For more information, please go to www.ipublishcentral.com, or to download the iPublishCentral Reader as an app, please go to the Apple App Store or to the Google Play Store.

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