TNM Digital Media launches with release of first eBook into the Apple iBookstore, A Darker Sun

It’s been a very busy past month or two. While work was being done to redesign and launch this website, there was other work going on behind the scenes: the creation of TNM Digital Media LLC.

The idea is simple enough: create a publishing company that does not initially require massive funding, launch a few products and then see where things go. The first of those new projects looks to be near completion with the publication of A Darker Sun into the Apple iBookstore.

The interactive eBook is the first from photographer and editor Dean Brierly, and not only features the photographs from the series, but a video presentation of the photos with music from Luuk de Weert and André Hogeslag.

ADS-cover-smDean is the editor of the fine art photography magazine Black & White, and has worked on Camera & Darkroom and PhotoWork magazines, as well.

The book is $5.99 in the U.S. store, and I expect everyone who reads TNM to buy it simply because this is the first time I’ve ever asked for a favor, so I’m doing it now! Download this book! (please)

So, what’s next? The answer is more: more eBooks and then, with any luck, magazine apps, as well.

In today’s any good publishing is diversified, and TNMDM plans to be, too. In addition to our own original titles, we hope to be contacting other companies very soon to talk about helping them create their own book imprints and, in a few cases, their own digital magazines.

Notice how I said “we” above? That is because there is so much world-class publishing talent out there being under utilized right now, it would be a shame if we couldn’t find a way to create new projects and pay authors, designers and programmers at the same time.

There will be more on TNMDM’s projects as the days and weeks go by, but for now it is nice to report that their is some evidence of the work done so far – this new site and A Darker Sun inside the Apple iBookstore.

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