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Garment Magazine from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

More great work from independent magazine minor students leads to new ‘magazine’ that uses iBooks Author software solution’

Garment-ibooks-icon-smEvery year the students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute produce a publication for the public as part of the independent magazine minor. Back in 2011 TNM looked at Odd Magazine, which I called brilliant. That digital magazine was produced before the Apple launched its Newsstand. Now the AFI has produced Garment Magazine, which will be released on July 6.

Garment Magazine uses iBooks Author to create an .ibooks file – so whether this is, in fact, a magazine or an eBook can be debated. But that is totally besides the point. What is important is the results, which are again very much worth checking out.

The team listed here are Kiersten Hay, editor-in-chief, Valerie Overgaag and Anick Smetsers, art directors, Nataša Cvjetković, general manager, Talitha Begraaf, text editor, Femke Huurdeman, visual manager, and Casimir Morreau, coach. (There are also a long list of contributors, as well.)

Garment-iPad2I’ve been thinking about the use of iBooks for magazine publishing, and apparently others have, as well. This issue of Garment Magazine contains an ad from the Dutch edition of Elle magazine, just as a print or digital magazine would, and the design of the publication feels and reads very much like a magazine rather than a book – so the platform works, that’s for sure.

Because the publishers were looking for fixed layout, the eBook is to be read in landscape only. iBooks Author, of course, produces something completely differently when the producers use both portrait and landscape at the same time – with portrait looking more like a Kindle Edition and landscape giving you fixed layouts. The introduction of iBooks Author 2.0 last fall, however, introduced fixed layouts into portrait-only books. It would have been interesting to see the same product produced in portrait as it would definitely felt very much like a magazine then.

Using a bookstore for a single edition magazine is a bit like using the various single edition magazine app solutions out there, which tells you that if Apple wanted to it could tweak iBooks Author enough to create its own digital magazine production suite.

In the solution now available, one is limited to a single issue because of the lack of a library feature – the alternative would be a stand-alone magazine app with a library like the newly released Frames Magazine app that used the Aquafadas platform.

Once again, Garment Magazine won’t appear in the Apple bookstore until the 6th but you can download the file today on the Garment Magazine website – I say you’d be wise to go for it.

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