July 2, 2013 Last Updated 9:27 am

Frame Magazine launches a fully interactive tablet edition inside a stand-alone iPad app

Frame-app-icon--smThe vast majority of new tablet editions are launched today inside the Apple Newsstand. But every once in a while a publisher makes a decision to launch a stand-alone app instead. It is sometimes hard to know why they would do this, but reason may simply be because the glut of new titles found inside the Newsstand may encourage publishers to launch elsewhere.

Frame Magazine is a new monthly tablet edition of the bi-monthly interior design print magazine. Thoroughly interactive, the publisher here has rethought much about their magazine – from its frequency, to how they present their content.

Aside from the annoying page turning sound they use, I think most TNM readers will be very impressed iwth the effort here. The first issue inside the stand-alone app weighs in at only 165 MB – a very modest size considering the content found here.