July 1, 2013 Last Updated 1:44 pm

Welcome to the new TalkingNewMedia

Welcome to the new Talking New Media. For 3+ years the website site has been hosted on Google’s Blogger platform, but now it is time to cut the cord.

TNM has always been a bit of a hybrid website – part news, part blog. But the blog format does not allow for any editorial judgements, one story simply follows another.

Here, at the new Talking New Media, stories can be preserved on the home page longer, with small industry news briefs kept separately in their categories.Though all the old categories have been maintained, the home page now features three major categories of stories: book publishing, magazines and newspapers. In addition, all the videos created that show new tablet editions can be found in one place, as well.

Three years ago TNM was launched for basically two reasons: to keep me (and therefore you) informed of new developments in digital publishing, and to serve as a platform where I might stay active in the publishing industry.

But in the last three years the traditional publishing industry has continued to falter, while new digital start-ups have sprung up. As many readers know, jobs have become hard to find, companies have reduced staffs, and while many companies have embraced the new mobile and tablet platforms, many others have stubbornly tried to cling onto old ways.

So it is time to change the mission of TNM – from one of a stand-alone digital news blog, to one of several properties published by a new publishing start-up – TNM Digital Media LLC.

Over the next few weeks and months TNM will unveil the other initiatives being planned, but for now reset your bookmarks to a new address and welcome to the new Talking New Media.

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