July 1, 2013 Last Updated 9:13 am

Airbus SAS launches tablet magazine for its airline customers

FASTMag-app-icon-smAnother example of a branded magazine (see Subaru Drive Magazine post) was launched today into the Apple Newsstand. FAST magazine by Airbus though is more a B2B branded magazine as it is targeted to its potential customers rather than the traveling public.

The digital magazine looks like it was produced in-house (as was Suabaru Drive) as Bruno Piquet, head of Functional Communication at Airbus, is listed as the magazine’s publisher, with Lucas Blumenfeld editor, and Daren Birchall design.

AirbusSAS-ani-smThe first issue inside the app weighs in at a moderate 204 MB, and is designed strictly for landscape reading – a good choice for an aviation magazine (planes are long, after all, not tall).

The app uses progressive downloads so that the issue opens after only a little bit of the issue has downloaded. This proved quite instructive because the issue cover uses an animation. Because of the progressive download the issue opened a bit prematurely, ruining the effect of the animation the first time one sees it. (Note to self: don’t combine progressive downloads and animated covers!).

But overall the digital magazine gets the job done.

Like most B2B titles, FAST, which stands for Flight, Airworthiness, Support and Technology, is free to download and access.

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