March 16, 2011 Last Updated 11:30 am

Congress releases app! Or was it the Republicans?

Ya gotta be kidding me, this is an app from the Congress of the United States? Looking like it was designed by a 12 year-old developer, a new universal app for the Committee on Ways and Means is a spartan app that contains lots of press releases and opening statements from committee members, but not much actual news. Oh, and one other thing: it only contains this content from Republicans.
The age of “app as propaganda”® is upon us.

How is it that the Congress could allow an app like this to be released that is completely partisan? Is this a trend? or a mistake?

In any case, this might be the worst app in the iTunes App Store, rivaling this one for most worthless and inappropriate. It is also a waste of the taxpayer’s money — which is ironic since it is coming from folk who say they want to cut our waste.

The good news: there is no Android app at this time.

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