April 14, 2010 Last Updated 2:20 pm

Interview magazine on the iPad

As I predicted, the number of new magazine or newspaper iPad app launches has all but stopped as those developers that wanted first move advantage have already launched their apps, while other publishers are now working with actual iPads in hand.
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One magazine that did launch an app this last week was Interview. The Andy Warhol founded magazine is selling their app for the appealing price of only 99 cents, a far cry from the approaches of Time or the Wall Street Journal.

The app was developed by Other Edition Limited, a company I’ve not heard of before — and know nothing of now because the company has no functioning web site. Isn’t that a bit strange?

The app has been praised for its pricing, but criticized for its approach. “These guys completely missed the point of this digital magazine revolution. The App is basically a PDF file/style of a normal print issue,” wrote one reviewer on iTunes.

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