April 14, 2010 Last Updated 7:47 pm

Honolulu Advertiser goes paid app route on iPhone

Image and video hosting by TinyPicIn order to sell a paid app in iTunes a publisher has to go through the trouble of becoming an Apple developer. The process is easy enough: fill out the form and pay your $100, but most publishers don’t bother.

The Honolulu Advertiser went this route, though, with its $1.99 app for the iPhone.
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The app is a simple RSS reader, but it also incorporates the ability for users to submit news tips and photos, something many news apps mysteriously leave out. The navigation lists Headlines, Sections, Search, Weather and Settings.

Other news apps released include apps for the independent paper for Cornell University, The Cornell Daily Sun, Milano Design Week 2010, and a paid app for Kuwait News.

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With so few apps coming out right now for the iPad, many news apps are finally making their appearance in iTunes for the iPhone. Yesterday a whole slew of apps from Atlanta based LSN Inc. came out — 28 in all. LSN builds apps for local broadcasters and has a mobile ad network solution, Direct Mobile Marketing & Advertising Group.

All the apps are free, of course, as its the case where the developer is listed as the “seller”.

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