April 14, 2010 Last Updated 9:55 pm

Digital e-reader owners are magazine enthusiasts according to new MRI study

One question magazine publishing executives have had about mobile media is simply will magazine readers use these devices to read their products? Thanks to Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) we are starting to get good data on the subject.

MRI today released a short study about the reading habits of e-reader owners and it appears that they definitely like their magazines. According to the MRI study, 91% of e-reader owners read magazines compared to 84% of total U.S. adults — not a huge difference, but certainly big enough to show that if someone is going to invest in a tablet or e-reader they will certainly use it to read magazines. Ee-reader owners also read more magazines: an average of 13 magazine issues each month, compared to 11 issues for the average adult.

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“There has been a lot of conversation about whether e-readers and tablets will provide an added boost to magazine readership,” said Anne Marie Kelly, SVP, Marketing & Strategic Planning at MRI. “MRI’s data certainly show e-reader owners are strong fans of magazines–a good indication for the potential of these devices to become strong magazine platforms once they are broadly adopted by the marketplace.”

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