April 13, 2010 Last Updated 1:16 pm

WePad, iPad, we all will pad eventually, right?

Talk about other tablets entering the market place has been mostly just that — talk. Both HP’s Slate and Microsoft’s Courier are theoretically going to be introduced this year, but both companies seem more interested in promoting their tablets rather than actually selling them.
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But enter the WePad, the German made tablet that appears to want to be an iPad knock off for the PC crowd. Designed to look almost identical to the iPad, the WePad sports more PC-like specs: a 1.66 GHz Atom processor, a built-in 3 meg web cam, 2 USB ports, and the ability to run Java, Linux, Android apps, and Adobe Air (read: Flash). The WePad can also display full 1080p HD video, and has HDMI out. So, for specs alone, the WePad should have an advantage. That leaves user experience and apps as the differentiator.

The WePad will begin accepting pre-orders on April 27 in Germany, with the 16GB model priced at €449 (about $610), and the 32GB model at €569 — US prices and pre-order dates have not been announced.
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The demo below will probably appeal to those who like Windows over the Mac OS (Mac users will most likely be appalled by the screen clutter and messiness of the desktop). Its real advantage, though, may be in being a universal media reader as the device promises to be able to read the ePub, PDF and other formats. The iPad, on the other hand, can only handle PDFs through third party apps. And then there is Flash . . .

(In case you missed it, Google is also rumored to be entering the tablet market.)

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