April 9, 2010 Last Updated 4:01 pm

Dish Network begins shipping Slingbox enabled DVR

Last year I made the leap: after being a DirecTV customer for years, the first one in my area, I switched to Comcast. The reason was simple: I was tired of DirecTV taking away channels without warning. One day I wake up and find out that I have to upgrade my already expensive TV bill just to get what I had received the day before. Worse, the customer service people seem more than happy to end my service rather than take my complaint. So I switched.

But if I had to do it all over again I’d go with Dish Network simply because of this:

We are excited to announce that the ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR receiver (the model ViP922), is planned to be available April 7, 2010! The ViP922 receiver will allow for a high-definition (“HD”), DVR solution for a single TV. With the model ViP922 receivers, customers can enjoy simultaneous, uninterrupted and independent TV viewing between the primary TV in the house and remote viewing on a mobile device or laptop.

Oh my, the ultimate tech toy. If you aren’t familiar with the Slingbox, this is what it does: you connect a Slingbox to your cable or satellite box, and after set-up can then stream television content to your computer. Plus, if download an app, you can stream TV to your smart phone (and probably to your iPad soon).
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Imagine sitting in an airport waiting for your delayed flight. You take out your iPhone and begin watching your favorite program or content from your DVR.

Now, Dish is offering a DVR with the Slingbox built in. It’s not cheap, though: $649 for existing customers, $200-$400 for existing customers. Oh yeah, and there are added fees for an additional receiver, fees for the DVR . . . you know, maybe I’ve just changed my mind.

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