April 8, 2010 Last Updated 4:45 pm

Jetcast announces its new media player will have built-in applications store, ability to monetize content

Jetcast today launched a new media player for Internet broadcasters that incorporates an applications store.

The company’s new UniversaPlayer is designed to be used as an Internet broadcaster’s primary or secondary media player, and can stream content such as Shoutcast, Icecast, MP3, WMA and other formats.
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Jetcast’s UniversalPlayer.

“With Jetcast’s new UniversalPlayer, Internet radio broadcasters now have a turn-key solution for monetizing their online content,” says Jeff Pescatello, Co-Founder of Jetcast. “The only thing Internet broadcasters need to do is promote their stations, the monetization occurs automatically.”

Jetcast, which introduced its own ad network, ReplaceAds, now brings an integrated app store to broadcasters. “It allows us to create more revenue opportunities for our broadcasters. Our broadcasters can now earn from virtual currency, subscription services, premium local advertising, search and more. The potential for new revenue is limitless,” CEO John Williams said.

Update: I asked the company about their apps. “Our Apps are designed to run inside the UniversalPlayer platform. The Apps are designed to make the UniversalPlayer platform more usable for the listener and to provide functionality for the App derived from the platform itself. There will be widgets dressed up as Apps (i.e. weather, job boards, etc.), and Apps (i.e. games, rock trivia, etc.) that may or may not interact with the stream. We are not exactly sure what developers will build, but we are excited to find out,” Williams said.

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