April 7, 2010 Last Updated 9:08 pm

Chitika Labs reports that Apple has sold 528,170 iPads; no, make that 528,183; no, make that . . . oh, forget it

One inventive way to determine sales of the Apple iPad is to keep track of how many are “seen in the wild” by tracking the number of users that come through ad networks. Chitika Labs is doing just that and has come up with a fun iPad tracking page.
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Analysts have been giving guesses estimates as to the number of iPad sales, but Apple’s secrecy pretty much makes such a task impossible. Well, unless you are doing what Chitika is doing. (Thanks to MacRumors for the heads-up.)

Meanwhile, HP looks like they will be the first PC maker to launch their own tablet. Although it looks like HP wants to go after Apple’s iPad, the two products look like they are very different animals. The Slate has a slightly smaller display (8.9″ versus the iPad’s 9.7″ display), significantly less battery life (only 5 hours versus the iPads seemingly endless battery life). But the Slate has more RAM, has a conventional SIM-card tray, has a USB port and HDMI-out, and two built-in cameras. More importantly, the HP Slate will be running Windows 7 versus the iPad’s iPhone OS.

In short, the Slate, which starts at $550, is more like a netbook without the keyboard. Charlie Sorrell of Wired wisely points out that HP seems to be missing the point here — emphasizing hardware when the iPad is all about software — the app store, Apple’s multitouch, etc.

But no matter, competition is good. And if HP can figure out a way to get people to read books, newspapers and magazines on the device, this might encourage more publishers to move forward with their mobile plans. Without an app store, of course, this will be difficult, but we’ll see what HP has in mind when they roll out their device, possibly in June.

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