March 18, 2010 Last Updated 2:10 pm

Posts . . . deleted

I wrote a couple posts today for TNM, but deleted them both. In the end, they were simply rants about what I’ve read this morning.

One was about this column by Ken Doctor, one of the recognized gurus of the newspapers business (yes, the NAA actually likes using that word). It’s a good round-up about hyper-local news and aggregation. It once again touts numbers — produced by consulting companies — that say local ad dollars are out there to be had.

Jim Romenesko then links to the column and the circular world of modern journalism continues on its merry way.

No one, likes talk about how these dollars will show up on their web sites, that’s off topic. Only later are the ad folk are marched into the room so they can be told of the brilliant new idea. “Now go out there and sell it.”

It’s all so boring to me at this point. Another consultant says newspapers should aggregate local news (I agree), vendors arise to feed the beast, and newspapers start to toe the line. ¬†Eventually the third party vendors tire of dealing with their clients as customers and begin to directly compete with them. The aggregators will soon be selling advertising because the newspapers have forgotten the value of those low-priced local ads, just as the electronic magazine vendors have themselves become magazine publishers because they are the only ones who truly believe in web-only publishing.

The world of modern publishing truly is a strange place, is it not?

(If you are interested in reading more about local news and aggregation I recommend reading my interview with Camilla Cho, head of business development for Outside.In.)

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