March 17, 2010 Last Updated 1:32 pm

Seattle P.I. celebrates one year of web-only publishing; now Microsoft is the one with ‘copy & paste’ problems

Short reads on a Wednesday morning:

•  Seattle Post Intelligencer marks first year as web-only publication. “But is hardly the only new kid in town.” The PI gives us a rundown of Seattle’s booming web-only news community. Seattle P.I.
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•  Is “copy and paste” rocket science? Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to launch without the basic function just as the iPhone did in 2007. ZDNet

•  Forget flip books. If you want to boost circulation without having to print more copies become a tablet publisher. ABC revises its definition of a digital magazine to accommodate the iPad. AP

•  Both the NPR and the WSJ will launch iPad optimized web sites. Just as many web sites are able to detect a mobile device and serve up a mobile version of their content, both NPR and the WSJ plan on creating tablet versions of their site for those connecting via the Safari browser on their iPad. NPR correctly predicts that the iPad will be a leisure product and will build their custom site accordingly — very smart. WSJ

•  Apple is about to be truly tested. Opera, the Norwegian browser company, is about to submit its own browser, Opera Mini, for the approval to be downloaded by iPhone users. Will Apple nix the browser competitor on grounds that it is simply duplicate functionality, or approve it to avoid possible claims of anti-competitive behavior? PC World

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