March 17, 2010 Last Updated 8:12 pm

Alexx Henry posts dramatic iPad work for VIVmag

Photographer Alexx Henry has posted a demonstration of what the photographer is working on for VIVmag, the all digital magazine associated with Zinio LLC.

“With the iPad release a mere few weeks away, it’s only appropriate that we release our own bit of goodness,” Henry writes on his blog.

According to the post, the “motion magazine cover” and feature spread was designed for VIVmag with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung. Although it looks very good here, it looks even better on his site or using the full-screen button on the lower right of the player below.

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Henry has also put together a page dedicated to his team’s iPad work that truly has to be seen. There are two different spreads you can view: the one seen above for VIVmag and another for Outside magazine. Here is a screen capture of the Outside feature. Clicking on the picture will take you to Alexx Henry’s iPad page where you can see both.

I can imagine watching all this with other publishers and hearing them gasp “But I can’t afford to do this kind of work!”

True, but these kinds of demos are obviously setting the bar high for everyone else. They point to what is possible and why so many are excited by the possibilities inherent in tablet publishing.

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