March 15, 2010 Last Updated 12:04 pm

First look at Pew’s PEJ State of the News Media report

It’s a Monday morning and I am just getting around to reading the just released Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journal annual report: The State of the News Media.  The information is, of course, extensive, though I believe the look at magazines to be a bit superficial; and the lack of information about trade publishing means the report misses many developments that have meaning for all of media. (I suspect, however, that some may be having difficulty using the word journalism in a conversation involving trade publishing.)
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☜  Revenue chart from Pew’s State of the News Media annual report.

Although the chart here may be pretty much all bad news, the report does discuss the growth of what it is labeling community journalism. “The new landscape is… more diverse and information-rich than ever before. Digital tools make it easier and easier to stitch together the information niches,” Michele McLellan, a 2009-2010 fellow studying online community news at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, is quoted in the report.

The report looks at some new news sources and discusses their contributions. The report concludes: “This area of journalism is still in its infancy and, as those involved in citizen journalism explain, the landscape continues to broaden. Financially, they face some of the same burden as legacy media do today, but in some cases without established overhead costs. Of course, they face daunting challenges in developing newsroom capabilities, obtaining financial support and understanding changing news preferences.”

Again, the entire report can be found here.  For the habitually depressed, I recommend Gawker’s take on the report: There Is Literally No Way to Make Money Selling News.

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