March 6, 2010 Last Updated 9:00 am

Week in Review

Short reads on a Saturday morning:

Engadget has more on the mysterious Courier, Microsoft’s pen driven, two-page tablet that appears to be far more rumor than product as pictures and videos keep getting leaked, with no product in sight — the exact opposite of what seems to happen when a real product is about to be produced. In any case, Engadget says they have more concrete information about Courier including that it doesn’t run off of Microsoft’s recently unveiled Windows 7 (which won’t appear itself until later this year), but instead runs the same OS as the Zune. I don’t know, it looks cool, but I never write anything anymore, I type. And besides, the whole thing seems odd — if they really were ready to launch this thing wouldn’t they want to keep things under wraps? Maybe this is just an effort to raise the spirits of Microsoft folk who have been taking a beating lately from all the talk about Google and Apple?

• Rusty Coats will be leaving his post as V.P. of Interactive for E.W. Scripps. Coats said the decision was both professional and personal. Said Coats in a memo to staff: “On the professional side, after more than 20 years with newspapers – 15 of them on the interactive side – I would like to explore the broader interactive world. There is a lot of innovation happening in the interactive space – some in newspapers, some outside. I want to see what’s outside without viewing it through a familiar lens.”
Rusty Coats: It’s time to see less of the world alone from an aisle seat, rental car and hotel room. 
Corrected thanks to input from Jack Lail, who is Director of Innovation of the Knoxville News Sentinel — thank you! I wrote in the previous version that Coats had been head of interactive at Scripps 15 years — a bad mistake on my part.

• Back to tablets for a moment, Apple publicly announced the iPad will make its appearance inside Apple stores: April 3, with pre-orders taken starting March 12. I speculate here on prospects for sales. I personally will wait, not because I am one of those iPad naysayers, because that is my pattern with all new Apple products. Let the early adopters buy their iPad, let them work out the bugs, then go by version two . . . and then hear the early adopters complain about the fact that Apple has dropped the price, or added features not found on their version one device.

• It’s hard to follow all the newspaper and B2B media firms going into, and out of, bankruptcy proceedings. Here’s another: Penton Business Media won court approval yesterday of its reorganization plan, and will be officially no longer in bankruptcy some time next week. Penton’s efforts will result in the company dumping $270 million of its total debt load. But as the Reuters story points out, Penton had $841 million in assets and $1.13 billion in liabilities as of November 30.

• Looking ahead: Local news aggregator Outside.In is hiring their first ad sales person, and we’ll look at what the company is up to in an interview I conducted with Camilla Cho, veep of biz dev.  Media folk sure love meetings, don’t they? Next week there will be something called the 2010 Media Summit in New York — I won’t be going, but I’ll keep an eye open to see if any news comes out.

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