March 3, 2010 Last Updated 6:40 pm

Blogs, news sites tout non-existent WaPo iPhone app

“Washington Post Rolls Out $1.99 iPhone App” . . . “Washington Post Offers Subscription Model App for iPhone” . . . “Washington Post? There’s an App for That” . . . “Washington Post Adds iPhone App With Annual Fee”
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The mystery app, much touted, little seen. ☞ 

The blogs and news sites had a field day declaring that the Washington Post had “unveiled” an iPhone app. But for most of the day there was no links to the mysterious app, or actual screen shots to be seen.

A search of the iTunes store turned up some version of the application. But any attempt to buy results in a error message (click photo above for larger view). We’ll compare the WaPo app to others in the field — assuming it appears.

Update: I see that Slate, a Washington Post property, has a new iPhone app up on iTunes (iTunes link). It costs $1.99 (the price reportedly to be charged for the WaPo app). There are a few reviews, and a couple mention something rather obvious: a paid app generally is free of advertising. In print, and also in how I envision tablet publishing, the ads are just as important as the editorial (can you image Vogue without the ads?). But for a mobile app it is generally bad form to charge for the app AND include ads. Many do it, of course.  But, believe it or not, there is a growing sense of mobile etiquette concerning fees and ads: do one or the other, but not both.

Further update: The mystery app appears! You can find it on iTunes here. I’ll have a rundown on newspaper apps by the end of the day.

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