March 1, 2010 Last Updated 5:31 am

The Big Boys get into a tussle over Europe: Microsoft rats out rival; tells Google to deal with it

Microsoft Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, David Heiner, went after Google late last week for accusing Microsoft of being behind efforts to look into Google’s business practices, stating that complaints “usually come from competitors,” and making no apology for pointing the finger at Google.

In a blog post, Heiner also went after Google CEO Eric Schmidt, accusing the chief executive of going after Microsoft in the past. “Believe me, I know: I’ve been chief competition counsel at Microsoft since 1994, so I’ve seen plenty of competitor complaints. Novell, when current Google CEO Eric Schmidt was at the helm, was never hesitant about complaining to regulators about Microsoft. Google hasn’t been shy about raising antitrust concerns about Microsoft in the last few years, either,” wrote Heiner.

Last week was not a good week for Google. Beside the EU inquiry, Google ran into trouble in Italy. Three of its executives were held liable for damages resulting from the posting of a YouTube video. The three execs were sentenced in absentia to six months, though none face the real possibility of jail time. Google is appealing the ruling.

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