January 22, 2010 Last Updated 8:45 pm

Photoblogging Friday – 3

It’s Friday already. That was quick. Nothing much happened this short week did it? . . . let’s see, a Republican was elected Senator from Massachusetts (wot?), the Supreme Court said corporations can not have their political contributions limited (because to old men in robes speech and money are the same thing, right?), and Haiti had another earthquake (enough already). Maybe Friday didn’t come fast enough.

But next week, ah, next week will be interesting. Wednesday will either be the most important day in publishing so far this century, or a major letdown, as Steve Jobs stands on stage to introduce Apple’s tablet. My suggestion: don’t judge the importance of the event right away. I remember being saddened by Apple’s MacWorld 2007 announcement that it was entering the cell phone business (boring! Give me a new MacBook Pro!). Well, I was wrong. And so many prognosticators next week will be wrong, as well.
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And next Friday I predict another episode of Photoblogging Friday.

This week I was tempted to shy away from the abstract photography we’ve posted so far and go with some schmaltzy shot of a kid with his ice cream cone, or something else that would bring in the traffic. But Dean Brierly, of Photographers Speak, sent me a couple of photos for me to choose from his friend, and fellow Chip, David Karamian.  Dean and I both like jazz so this one was the obvious choice.
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The photo was taken at Papa Joe’s Jazzlokal, Köln, and to give you a flavor of the place I’ve included a picture of the man himself, Papa Joe. If you click on his image you will be magically transported to Germany through the power of the Internet. Isn’t New Media wonderful. Happy Friday.

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