Short reads: a word of warning; bloggers fill in the gaps in coverage; Condé Nast declares iPhone app a success

Arnon Mishkin has a column on that expresses optimism over Apple tablet, but warns “content creators and audience aggregators should be careful about how they deal with the e-readers or it could turn into primarily a bonanza for Apple, as the Kindle may be primarily a bonanza for Amazon.”

. . . Sister site finds new content and good writers in the world of soccer — um, make that football. CP interviews blogger Richard Farley, who himself interviews blogger Brian Quarstad about the world of soccer blogging as they fill in the gaps created by a lack of coverage by the mainstream media.

. . . Condé Nast declares its GQ iPhone app a success, bringing in $39K in its first month. Strange, didn’t Business Insider declare the app a failure (after only a day).

. . . Publishing people generally don’t like to talk online about their business until someone is let go or resigns — then the knives come out. Now it’s Farrar’s time.

. . . Google reported  revenues of $6.67 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009, representing a 17% increase over fourth quarter 2008.  Total revenue from Google sites, subtracting out other owned properties, rose 16%. For those about to start work on their taxes you might like to know that Google’s effective tax rate was reported as 23%.

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