December 3, 2009 Last Updated 4:17 pm

Tempest in a tea pot

I really hate these kinds of stories. The headline promises something of substance — New White House pool rotate sparks debate — something traditional and new media pros can debate, but then the whole thing falls away — a big mess of innuendo and conjecture.

In case you don’t want to click the link, and who can blame you, the post is by Mike Calderone from Politico, and his premise is the the inclusion of new media folk like Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo into the White House press pool have the old media folk upset. Really, this is news?

So what’s the even that sparked the post? None that I can see. An e-mail from New York Times reporter Peter Baker appears to be in response to a communication from Mr. Calderone, not something that generated a controversy.

Unfortunately, posts like the Politico one get picked up and reproduced as news. Romenesko, probably my favorite place to visit dozens of times a day, picked it up immediately.

Newspaper people have always tried to protect their turf. During WWII, the print press used to get special treatment from FDR because the very nature of print means no recordings, photographs — it was easy to get the word out without the formality of being recorded.  Since then White House reporters representing newspapers have had their space crammed with radio and television reporters, and now New Media.

But I know very few print folk who want to exclude the new media people — after all, they may soon be exclusively online, as well. Besides, doesn’t a reporter for the New York Times also represent, as well? Baker’s comment can be interpreted as simply asking the logical question: if TPM and Huffington Post gets access, does Drudge Report get in as well? (My words, not his.)

Finally, remember this guy? He got access (boy, that was something that was painful to write.) So why worry, be happy.

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